User Testing : How parents do the groceries shopping nowadays with the kids?

1. Shopping basket on the right hand and push the baby stroller with the left hand

2. Push the baby stroller and pull the shopping trolley

3. Push shopping trolley and baby stroller at the same time

4. Put the shopping basket on the baby stroller umbrella handle bars

5. Put the groceries on the baby stroller shelter

Grocery Shopping

This is the way mum solve the grocery shopping problems. They will hang a lot of groceries with plastic bag on the handle bars with hooks or on the umbrella handle. This will lead to the unbalance of the stroller and the stroller will fell backwards.

Volume of the groceries

Before designing, I have to know roughly about the volume (weight and space) of the basket that parents need for the groceries. I went to Woolworth and assume groceries for two days.

The weight is about 7.57 to 8kg and the size of the basket is 43cm length x 29cm wide x 25cm depth. However, one basket is usually not enough for family grocery needs.

Baby nappies and tissue paper take a lot of space in the shopping basket.


Taga is a multifunctional urban vehicle, uniquely designed
to suit the needs of today’s parents and children.
Taga combines the benefits of a premium stroller and
a carrier bicycle to create a new transportation modality.

Taga is designed to be reliable and long lasting. Good for newborns as well as toddlers, accommodating one or two children. Can also be used as a bike for teenagers or as a shopping bike.

The shopping basket can carry the maximum of 40kg at one time. The price is AUD$275.

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