Visualization : The location of the groceries basket
This is the assumption picture of the location of the groceries basket. It will be attached to the stroller and detached easily.


Design Brief

To make clearer statement for my design, I came out with the design brief.


To design storage/ pannier for the grocery shopping that can attach to the existing baby stroller, which is foldable, easy to lift and fit into the car.

Design Objective:

  • To create the grocery storage that can attach to most of the stroller
  • To create a foldable storage system to make it easier to carry
  • To discover the attach system that can be easy to install, uninstall and lifting
  • To discover the size of the basket that can fit into the car boot with the folding stroller

The challenge for my design:

  1.  Foldable system (the alternative way to fold the panniers)
  2. Attach to most of the stroller (to observe and explore the frame of the existing stroller)
  3. The balance and gravity (to observe and explore where is the best position of the panniers to be attached to the stroller)


After doing the analysis of baby stroller/ pram, I try to break down the opportunity or design direction that I can develop in this semester:

  1. The wheels (for public transport in Melbourne which is tram, bus and train.)
  2. The multi function storage (attach one for the grocery shopping)
  3. Collapse way (exploration and innovation of ways for easy collapsible methods, maybe small until it can fit into backpack)
  4. The space of restaurant/ parking (stroller takes space in the restaurant, thus, I plan to explore the saving space stroller and this stroller might become the high chair or something)
  5. Carry and fit in the car (observe and explore the way how parents collapse the stroller and fit it into the car and how they carry the stroller (now by scroll))


The design will focus on the multifunction storage for grocery shopping that attach to the stroller and fit into the car.


On Monday, 26th March, I tried the baby stroller with 6-7kg weight, and rode it from Swanston and Lt. Lonsdale street to Rusell and Victoria street.

  • I felt so tired because the road is uphill
  • I kept kicking the wheel and the brakes of the stroller
  • I tried it on the stairs and it didn’t work, thus I have to collapse it and carry it.

Thank you to Glen for giving away his stroller to me.

Design Direction

Design direction:

  • Stroller for “one-hand”
  • Collapse easily and carry easily (one hand and one button??)
  • Light and less part (end of life)
  • Storage for grocery shopping
  • Stairs pram

Things to look at:

  • The handle bar
  • How existing pram collapse
  • The storage
  • The wheels and brakes
  • The fabric of the seat (materials)

Identifying the Problem

After the interview, I try to identify the problems and make the consideration of designing baby pram/ stroller :

  • Every kids will have at least two baby transport ; baby pram and baby stroller (Transition from pram to stroller)
  • Parents seems to prefer stroller than pram. Why? pram is heavy, hard to collapse, not convenient (light and less part stroller)
  • Parents will spend a lot of money in baby pram and spend less in stroller
  • The storage seems not enough when they do the grocery shopping
  • Every mum try to avoid tram and prefer to use train (Stairs)
  • The baby pram end up in the store room (The end of life)
  • The fabric of the seat has to be seperated from the stroller, thus, it can be clean
  • When it is raining, mum will get wet because she needs to set up the shelter for the kid.
  • The safety belt clip seems to hurt the baby tummy
  •  Baby stroller is taking a space

This is how the strollers park in the restaurant.