Design Brief

To make clearer statement for my design, I came out with the design brief.


To design storage/ pannier for the grocery shopping that can attach to the existing baby stroller, which is foldable, easy to lift and fit into the car.

Design Objective:

  • To create the grocery storage that can attach to most of the stroller
  • To create a foldable storage system to make it easier to carry
  • To discover the attach system that can be easy to install, uninstall and lifting
  • To discover the size of the basket that can fit into the car boot with the folding stroller

The challenge for my design:

  1.  Foldable system (the alternative way to fold the panniers)
  2. Attach to most of the stroller (to observe and explore the frame of the existing stroller)
  3. The balance and gravity (to observe and explore where is the best position of the panniers to be attached to the stroller)

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