After doing the analysis of baby stroller/ pram, I try to break down the opportunity or design direction that I can develop in this semester:

  1. The wheels (for public transport in Melbourne which is tram, bus and train.)
  2. The multi function storage (attach one for the grocery shopping)
  3. Collapse way (exploration and innovation of ways for easy collapsible methods, maybe small until it can fit into backpack)
  4. The space of restaurant/ parking (stroller takes space in the restaurant, thus, I plan to explore the saving space stroller and this stroller might become the high chair or something)
  5. Carry and fit in the car (observe and explore the way how parents collapse the stroller and fit it into the car and how they carry the stroller (now by scroll))


The design will focus on the multifunction storage for grocery shopping that attach to the stroller and fit into the car.


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