Interview 4

On Monday, 19th March 2012, I conducted my fourth interview with Mari. She is from Italy and has been here for more than ten years. She is working mum with two years old daughter. She said that she is really satisfied with her stroller. She bought “Chicco” stroller for $360 and she loves it so much.

About one year ago, when she went back from Italy, her baby stroller has been damaged by airport staff. The airport replaced her the money and she decided to buy the same stroller which was the “Chicco” because she loves it so much.

She said “Chicco” are:

  • Light, easy to fold and easy to carry. She has tried to carry her baby in one hand and carry the baby stroller in the other hand.
  • She said that she tried to use the stroller with the stairs in the post office near her house. Three steps of the stairs were still fine.
  • The only thing she is not that satisfied is the wheel of the stroller (four wheels). It is made of plastic and it makes a lot of vibration.

She was suggesting me to look at the wheels of the stroller. It was about the balance and the main control. She also suggested me to go to the Baby&Toddler Exhibition on 1st April 2012 to try different variation of the stroller on the different uneven floor (sand or stone) and stairs.

Thank you so much for your time Mari.


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