Interview 3

On Friday, 16th March 2012, I conducted my third interview with Nancy. She is from Taiwan and has been here for many years. She is a working mum with 6 years old daughter and 2 years old son.

Things that Nancy mentioned about stroller :

  • She has one baby pram and two-baby stroller (three baby transportation). The price for the baby pram is about $400. The prices for the baby stroller are $29 and $49. She only used the baby pram for few months because she found it not convenient at all. She always use the baby stroller to go to eve- rywhere because it is much lighter and when it is collapse, it is much smaller and the stroller can be put inside a bag. She said collapsible is important and she suggests me to find the way to collapse the stroller as small as possible.
  • When the first experience to buy the pram, parents always think about “safety” and don’t really care about the price and weight. But after they use it and when they want to buy the second one, they will think about price and weight.
  • She said that she like to install something (toys, iphone, ipad) inside the stroller to keep the baby quiet. She said she brought the stroller to Taiwan and she liked it because Taiwan road has a lot of small lane and the stroller is very useful. However, many mums ask her to buy the stroller for them because usually in Asia country, mums usually carry the baby.
  • Her baby pram is still in store room to keep it to the next child.
  • She said it is so hard to do the grocery shopping with the kids and the storage is not enough. She said she is not happy with the cup holder because she can’t really attach it to the stroller.
  • She said mostly she prefer to carry his son rather than using the stroller.

A big Thank you to Nancy for helping me a lot.



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