Interview 2

On Sunday, 11th March 2012, I conducted my second interview with Melody. She is from Vietnam and has been here for more than five years. She is a housewife with two years old daughter.

She has mentioned few things about the her baby stroller as well.

  • She has two baby transportation, one is the baby pram and another one is baby stroller She bought the baby pram for about $200 and she bought the stroller for $70 in K-mart.
  • She plans to sell her baby pram since she is not planning to have another baby. She said the baby pram is too heavy and not convinient. She doesn’t really satisfy with the cover of the stroller. She said it is not big enough to cover the sun.
  • She said it is really hard to clean the seat of the stroller, but she still has to clean the seat everyday, because when the baby eats, it is quite messy and dirty.
  • The brake is so important.
  • Her daughter is too active and doesn’t like to be inside the stroller. If like she still inside the stroller and her mum is sitting, her mum needs to move/ swing the stroller.
  • I was sending her to the Melbourne central train station and I was trying to help to push the baby stroller. It is not that balance because she hang a lot of things on the stroller and it is not that convenient because we have to find lift to be able to reach the ground level.
  • Storage is not big enough to put all the stuff when she did a grocery shopping.
  • She lives in Southbank and she prefers to take train instead of tram.
  • She doesn’t like to use the baby carrier because it will hurt her waist. When she went back to Vietnam last year, she didn’t bring the baby stroller, thus, she has to carry the baby all around. She found it not convenient at all. In Asia, mostly baby is in carrier instead of the pram.
  • Stroller or baby pram is not convenient when they meet the stairs.

A big Thank you to Melody for helping me in this project.

Melody’s two years old daughter


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