Interview 1

On Thursday, 8th March 2012, I talked to Karan Jones about the baby pram and stroller. It was really good talk to start my project. Karan is mum with 7 years old boy and 3 years old boy. She has mentioned some of the baby stroller problems.

  • The baby pram was sharing between her two sons. In total, she has two baby transportation; baby pram and baby stroller. She bought the baby pram for about $300 and she bought a cheap baby stroller ($30) in Kmart for her younger son and she always put it on the back of the car, just in case her son need it.
  • She doesn’t like to take the big pram because it is inconvenient and the way it collapses is still too big. She thinks that the clip of the safety belt of the baby pram is dangerous. It always hurt the baby tummy and mum’s hand.
  • She mentions that the fabric of the seat needs to be clean. The wheel of the baby pram is hard to turn because the back wheels are still. The wheels are really important to control the pram and the brakes.
  • Baby pram is inconvenient for the tram. Thus, she has to use train.
  • The old pram is still in her house storage. She is going to give it away to someone else who need it.
  • When it is raining, mum will get wet because she needs to set up the shelter for the kid.
  • The height of the stroller doesn’t fit with the height of mum, so she suggests that the handle need to be adjusted.

A big Thank you to Karan for helping me in this project


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