Identifying the Problem

After the interview, I try to identify the problems and make the consideration of designing baby pram/ stroller :

  • Every kids will have at least two baby transport ; baby pram and baby stroller (Transition from pram to stroller)
  • Parents seems to prefer stroller than pram. Why? pram is heavy, hard to collapse, not convenient (light and less part stroller)
  • Parents will spend a lot of money in baby pram and spend less in stroller
  • The storage seems not enough when they do the grocery shopping
  • Every mum try to avoid tram and prefer to use train (Stairs)
  • The baby pram end up in the store room (The end of life)
  • The fabric of the seat has to be seperated from the stroller, thus, it can be clean
  • When it is raining, mum will get wet because she needs to set up the shelter for the kid.
  • The safety belt clip seems to hurt the baby tummy
  •  Baby stroller is taking a space

This is how the strollers park in the restaurant.


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