House Warming

On Saturday, 24th March 2012, I went to Fransiska’s house warming party and met a lot of friendly people. Fransiska is my best friend’s friend. She is Indonesian and has been living in Australia for few years. She is working mum with 4 years old and two years old son. She has “Quinny” pram and stroller and she bought it for AUD$1000++. She said she only used it for few times because it is heavy and not convenient. She has twin stroller which she will bring it everywhere now and it is cheaper than “Quinny”.

I also met Jacqui, she is mum of two kids. She didn’t use stroller anymore but she said it is nice to have the stroller that works by one hand. She said she prefer to carry her kids than using the stroller. She was the second mum that I met who prefer to carry her kids instead of using the stroller.

Another friend has mentioned that a lot of stroller is pushed by man and man always like to kick the wheels. I found this quite interesting case study.

In the afternoon, I have tried the “Quinny”. I need to use both hand to collapse it and the way to collapse it is a little bit hard. It is quite heavy to carry it as well. However, I like the three big wheels of the “Quinny” because it makes the stroller stable.

Thank you to Fransiska, Jacqui, Oie, and all people in the house warming.


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