Survey Questions

After doing the market research, it raises a lot of questions/ consideration to me:

1. What kind of consideration do parents have when they buy the baby pram/ stroller? (Price, design, quality, etc)

2. If they have the second baby, what do they usually do with the old pram? or do they have any plan when they purchase the first pram?

3. Do parents find current baby pram/ stroller is safety enough?

4. When it is raining, do parents think the rain shelter is strong enough to protect their baby?

5. What can be improved?

6. Do kids like to be in the stroller all the time?

7. What do parents think about the baby pram+baby car seat+baby carrier?

8. When traveling overseas, is the baby stroller convenient for parents? How about in the airport?

9. What kids usually do when they are on the stroller?

10. Is the storage enough for them?


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