Survey Questions

After doing the market research, it raises a lot of questions/ consideration to me:

1. What kind of consideration do parents have when they buy the baby pram/ stroller? (Price, design, quality, etc)

2. If they have the second baby, what do they usually do with the old pram? or do they have any plan when they purchase the first pram?

3. Do parents find current baby pram/ stroller is safety enough?

4. When it is raining, do parents think the rain shelter is strong enough to protect their baby?

5. What can be improved?

6. Do kids like to be in the stroller all the time?

7. What do parents think about the baby pram+baby car seat+baby carrier?

8. When traveling overseas, is the baby stroller convenient for parents? How about in the airport?

9. What kids usually do when they are on the stroller?

10. Is the storage enough for them?


Sunday Morning

Sunday is usually the family day and a lot of parents will bring their kids outdoor for the activity. On Sunday, 4th March, I went to Yarra river Melbourne to see how parents bring their kids and what kind of activities that kids usually play.

The consideration of outdoor activities: weather (sun and rain)

Some parents have two kids, one will be in the baby stroller and another one will be either walking or in the baby carrier.

Around Yarra river, the kids are playing with the sands.


Middle Range Existing Products

In Target, they sell the baby pram and stroller in the middle price range from AUD$30 to AUD$200++

Collapsible stroller ($25)

Baby stroller

Baby car seat

The cruiser baby stroller + baby car seat + carrier (price :$300), almost similar price as the maxi cosi.

The 4 in baby carrier ($30)

The fabric for the shopping trolley and high chair cover to protect the baby.

We try the baby carrier ($90)

Front view and Side view

Back view and how to take it out

The plastic safety clip

High Range Existing Products

In David Jones, they sell the baby stroller and the baby pram, but in the higher price range from AUD$300 to AUD$1000++

Left: price is $1399.55, Right: Baby stroller with baby cocoon (to make baby warm)

Left: The baby pram + stroller, Right: Twin baby pram stroller (one is facing mum, another one is facing street)

Left: Maxi-cosi ( baby car seat+pram+carrier) price is 399.95 but this is only for baby up to 12 months, Right: Baby car seat

Left: Home baby seat, Right: home baby swing

This is another function that I can apply to the baby stroller.


After went to Victoria Market, I went to Myer to do the market research. The purpose of this research is to see what parents usually do or buy in the shopping mall and who they always go with.


Some mum go to shopping together, grandmother is looking at her granddaughter, mum with four kids, etc.

Concern things:

1. Why there is a soft fabric inside the baby stroller? is it because the stroller fabric is rough? or not warm enough for the baby?

2. If parents hang a lot of things on the stroller, will the stroller unbalance?




Storage for Daily Routine

In Victoria market, I was trying to see what do parents put inside the stroller storage when they do the weekly/ monthly routine or how they put their purchases.

They always carry the personal bag, baby bag, toys, etc. However, they will put their purchases inside the storage (if it is big enough) or they will hang them on the handle.

I found one interesting thing on that day, which was one person use the stroller as the shopping trolley. I am thinking, this is the possibility of the end of life of the stroller.

Another interesting things were I saw two fathers put their daughter on the shopping trolley. Thus, should I do something with the shopping trolley? or should I modified the baby stroller storage to meet the needs when parents do the shopping?

Victoria Market

I was doing market research on Saturday, 3rd March in the Victoria Market. The purpose of this research is to observe how is parents taking care of their kids when they do their weekly/ monthly routine and what kids are doing inside the pram/ stroller. On that day, it was raining and I could see a lot of rain shelter.

Most of the kids seem so boring sitting inside the stroller. Parents or grandparents are busy doing their daily routine, the kids are playing with themselves.